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Pricing information

In compliance with state law, Madison Health is providing this price list containing some of our charges for room and board, the emergency room, operating room, delivery, and common radiological, laboratory, and therapy procedures. Our prices are the same for all patients, regardless of whether they have insurance. Patients with insurance, however, may owe different amounts based on their individual insurance policy benefits.

Madison Health Pricing Information (PDF)

In compliance with new 2019 federal law, Madison Health is providing a list of all of the hospital’s standard charges. The information provided on the link below is a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by a hospital, also known as a chargemaster. It is not a helpful tool for patients to comparison shop between hospitals or to estimate what healthcare services are going to cost them out of their own pocket. For more information about the cost of your care, please contact our patient financial services staff at 740.845.7033 or 740.845.7031. We will return your call with an accurate estimate in 2 business days.

Madison Health Chargemaster (XLSX)

Madison Health Diagnostic Related Grouping (XLSX)

We are aware that the trend in healthcare is to place more responsibility for payment on patients. We have responded to this trend by improving discounts to uninsured and underinsured patients.

We also have a charity program and offer a wide range of payment plans. Please call our Billing Support line for details at 844.213.7314.

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