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MCH Maternity Department Receives Glowing Review
February 8, 2010

Madison County Hospital’s Maternity Department did not receive any citations from their annual Ohio Department of Health (ODH) survey conducted on February 3.

Each year ODH sends surveyors to hospitals across the state to review Maternity Departments and renew their licenses. Surveyors examine every aspect of the department. They check on staff competencies from the nurses who care for patients to the housekeepers who clean the rooms.

“Anyone who comes in contact with a patient can get reviewed,” said Karen Uhrman, RN, Director of Obstetrical Services.

Employees are not the only ones reviewed. Charts are looked at to make sure they are properly completed. Standards of care are examined to make sure that the hospital is providing the highest quality of care. To learn more about department operations, both patients and staff are interviewed. If the surveyor finds something does not meet ODH standards, a citation is issued.

“The surveyor found no reasons to issue us any citations,” said Karen. “Our department, and all the departments who work with us, did a great job.”

After receiving such a positive survey result, MCH’s Maternity Department looks forward to continuing their success by growing and beginning new programs. The department saw a nine percent growth in 2009, and, in an effort to enhance services, the department is developing a breastfeeding initiative.

According to a recent epidemiology report conducted by Wright State, Madison County has a low rate of women who breastfeed. According to the 2008 Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance Ohio, only 39.2 percent of Madison County women have ever breastfed compared to 46.1 percent for the state of Ohio and 59.8 percent for the United States.

A study published in the Lancet medical journal states that for every year of breastfeeding, a woman lowers her risk of developing breast cancer by four percent.

“We would like to encourage Madison County women to breastfeed for their health and their baby’s health,” said Karen. “As a part of our effort, we will be working on ways we can educate the community.”

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