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Accessing healthcare online: By Russ Hessler, Director of Medical Records
February 11, 2015

In September 2014, Madison Health opened a primary care practice and welcomed with multiple physicians to care for area residents.  This primary care practice includes Zainab Al-Obosi, MD; Sarah Clawson, CNP; Martha Geib, MD; Michelle Khoury, DO and Amanda Williams, DO.  These providers care for everyone from newborns to seniors.  This whole life approach is something that Madison Health is excited to offer to the community. 


An important tool in providing patients a way to understand their health and other medical conditions is the addition of a tool called OSUMyChart.  With OSUMyChart, a patient at Madison Health Primary Care can view various components of their medical record and correspond with their primary care provider. 


“I encourage my patients to use OSUMyChart because it facilitates good communication between the office and the patient,” said Dr. Michelle Khoury, family physician at Madison Health Primary Care.


OSUMyChart is free and available to patients of both Madison Health and Madison Health Primary Care due to our unique affiliation with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  The decision to establish this connection with your care provider is a choice of yours and yours only.  This is fitting, in that Madison Health’s redesign is about exactly that:  Your Care. Your Connection. Your Choice. 


OSUMyChart allows a patient to communicate with his or her healthcare provider, renew prescriptions, request appointments and view test results through a secure online portal.  In addition the parent, legal guardian or caregiver of a patient may request access to that patient’s information.  I want to share my own use of OSUMyChart to illustrate the ease of this tool. 


I first learned of OSUMyChart while checking in for a medical appointment.  At that time, I was given the opportunity to accept or decline access to OSUMyChart.  I accepted access and received an “activation code” (good for six months) along with a welcome letter.  After the visit, I accessed the site on my home computer.  I was able to easily sign up for access by following the information given to me by the registration staff along with the instructions presented online.   Once in OSUMyChart, I found the site easy to use with plenty of links which were informative and easy to follow.   


Since initially creating my OSUMyChart account, I found that one of my prescriptions was in need of renewal.  Realizing this at approximately 10:30pm, I made a mental note to myself to call my physicians’ office  the next day.  Once the day began my work quickly overtook any thought of making that phone call.  I realized that it may be better to log on to OSUMyChart to request a prescription refill.  I did this at a time convenient to me.  I returned home two days later and discovered a call from my pharmacy informing me that my prescription was ready for pick up!


Requesting an appointment is just as seamless.  It is simply a matter of logging into OSUMyChart, selecting the appropriate provider and submitting preferred dates and times.  Within one business day you will receive a message, either to your OSUMyChart account or to a phone number you have provided, with information related to your requested appointment. 


I find that the most important use of OSUMyChart is the ability to view test results.  Some test results will go directly to your OSUMyChart account, while others may require your physician’s release.  The requirement to have your physician release these results is due to the nature of specific tests.  This would only be necessary for those tests of a more critical nature.  Most of the more standard tests are available on OSUMyChart within two weeks. 


OSUMyChart is not for questions that require immediate attention.  It is not an emergency service.  It is an easy way to link with and communicate securely with your local provider.  The community’s access to the various Madison Health Primary Care providers, together with OSUMyChart access, allows patients the ability to view, interact and manage care at a time and place convenient to them.  


For more information regarding OSUMyChart eligibility, talk to a hospital representative or call Madison Health at 740-845-7102.

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