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MCH joins Neonatal Ambassador Program at Nationwide Children's Hospital
March 21, 2014

Madison County Hospital's commitment to enhance obstetric services has led to membership in the Neonatal Ambassador Program, part of a larger outreach program at Nationwide Children's Hospital.


The program will provide MCH with a customized and center-specific partnership with the attending Ambassador, Dr. Roopali Bapat.  Dr. Bapat attended medical school at Bangalore University and completed her residency in 2007 at Beaumont Children's Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.  She specializes in neonatal-perinatal medicine and pediatrics and was appointed at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2011.


"I feel privileged to be the Neonatal Ambassador to serve the wonderful partners at MCH," said Dr. Bapat.  "In my role as an Ambassador, I will continue to strengthen the relationship between Nationwide Children's Hospital's neonatal services and MCH. The cardinal goal of this partnership is to provide resources in order to deliver consistent, optimal and timely care to all newborns."


The Neonatal Ambassador Program will expand education, case reviews and program development for all staff who are responsible for newborn care, including ancillary neonatal services such as laboratory and respiratory services.


A key component to the program is the increased involvement and communication with MCH regarding patients who were transferred to a Nationwide Children's Hospital facility.  With the guidance of MCH staff, Nationwide Children's Hospital will develop customized systems for providing feedback on each patient's care plan.


Another advantage to the Neonatal Ambassador Program is the additional assistance in developing or enhancing programs and protocols.  Recently, Nationwide Children's Hospital has supported other member hospitals with the implementation of a universal bilirubun screening.  They have also helped develop screening programs for congenital heart disease (CHD); however, MCH began screening for CHD in early 2012.


Although membership in the Neonatal Ambassador Program is new, MCH has had a strong relationship with Nationwide Children's Hospital for many years.  For example, through a collaborative effort with Nationwide Children's Hospital, MCH uses a state-of-the-art technology called "neonatal telemedicine".  If a baby is born prematurely or with defects, MCH can immediately connect to neonatologists at Nationwide Children's Hospital using a large-screen HD television with a camera.  In less than a minute, physicians and specialists are provided with a real-time visual of the baby and can work together to develop a customized care plan.


This coordinated relationship has helped increase the number of healthy babies in Madison County.  According to the Ohio Department of Health, the latest report shows that the neonatal and infant mortality rates for Madison County are less than the Ohio average.    


"We are very pleased to expand our ongoing relationship with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to provide seamless and coordinated care for our newborns here at MCH," said Dr. Mitchell Spahn, an obstetrician who practices at MCH.


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