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Dr. Mueller discusses joint pain at Women's Health Lunch
May 24, 2012

"The more active you are the more quality years of life you give yourself," was Dr. Robert Mueller's advice to a group of more than 40 women gathered to hear him talk about joint pain and knee replacement surgery at a recent health luncheon.


On Friday, May 18, the Madison County Hospital Auxiliary and MCH Foundation hosted their annual Women’s Health Luncheon at the Madison County Senior Center. This year featured Dr. Mueller, an orthopedic surgeon at MCH.


"The most common knee pain is arthritis," said Dr. Mueller during his presentation. "Arthritis occurs when you loose knee cartilage causing bone to rub against bone."


Knee replacement surgery is just one of many treatment options for joint pain. In fact, Dr. Mueller works with his patients so that surgery is more of a last resort. For example, pain sufferers will first go through rounds of anti-inflammatory injections. The goal of any treatment course is to relieve pain and restore motion.


While most knee replacement candidates are older, Dr. Mueller is seeing a trend of younger and younger patients.


"The technology for replacing a knee for a second or even a third time is getting better," said Dr. Mueller. "Also, the replacement pieces are lasting longer."


Knee replacements can last between 10 and 20 years depending on factors such as the patient's weight and activity level.


Whether you have had a knee replaced or not, Dr. Mueller's advice to everyone is to keep moving.


"If you're recovering from knee replacement surgery or if you are just getting older, once you stop walking, you stop walking," he said. "The key is to stay active."

At the end of the talk, Dr. Mueller took questions from the attendees and encouraged everyone to keep an open dialogue with their physicians.


"As an orthopedic surgeon, my job is to do what I need to do to make you feel better," said Dr. Mueller. "Together we can put together a plan to help eliminate joint pain."


Dr. Mueller is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. He earned his medical degree and performed his orthopedic residency at Johns Hopkins University. He currently sees patients in the Professional Office Building on Madison County Hospital's campus. To make an appointment, call
(800) 942-7380.

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