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Hospital provided $5.7 million to community in 2010
November 2, 2011

By Fred Kolb, CEO, Madison County Hospital


At Madison County Hospital, it is our responsibility to provide quality and compassionate care to all those who come through our doors regardless of their ability to pay. Those efforts resulted in a total service to our patients equaling $5.7 million in 2010.


Included in that number is the more than $3 million in community benefits provided to 6,700 people. That includes more than $800,000 in charity care and $300,000 in community building activities.


Charity care is free or discounted health services provided to persons who cannot afford to pay and who meet the financial assistance policy criteria. The hospital has two financial as¬sistance programs for those who qualify.


The Hospital Care Assistance Program (HCAP) is for those whose income is below the national poverty guidelines. The hospital also offers the Madison County Hospital Financial Assistance Program (MCH-FAP) which provides a dis¬count to Madison County residents who meet certain income criteria. In 2010, MCH provided charity care to almost 700 patients.


Community-building activities are programs carried out to improve community health that extends beyond direct patient care activities. Throughout the year, MCH educates the community about how to improve their health, offers health screening opportunities, and provides healthcare support services.


One example of a community-building activity is the Breast Care Clinic offered through the Battelle Breast Care Center. Thanks to the support of the Columbus Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, MCH is able to offer mammograms at no out-of-pocket cost. With the combined support of Komen and the MCH Foundation’s Breast Cancer Endowment fund, all women in Madison County are able to get breast care diagnostic and treatment services regardless of their financial situation.


The financial strength Madison County Hospital has gained since the beginning of the economic downturn allows us to keep our doors open so we can provide care to the community, while continuing to improve our technology and facilities.


In 2011 we have put approximately $2 million into facility improvements. We have added high definition video systems for Surgery, a new ultrasound unit with special features for diagnosing breast cancer, a central fetal monitoring system for Maternity is imminent, and new equipment for the Laboratory and Information Technology.


Next year, we look forward to continuing our improvements by remodeling our Radiology Department, transitioning to electronic health records, expanding our Breast Cancer Endowment Fund, and creating a Heartfelt Fund Endowment to assist the increasing numbers of patients who can’t afford care.


It is my hope that you and your family will continue to use local physicians and take advantage of the wonderful care provided at MCH. We have excellent physicians, a qualified and caring staff, good facilities, and outstanding technology for a community hospital. And in those instances where a higher level of care is needed, our Affiliation with the OSU/Mount Carmel Health Alliance allow us to quickly stabilize and transfer patients to the most appropriate facility.


Please accept my personal thanks for the trust you place in us, and the strong support you give to Madison County Hospital. Day in and day out, we are working to make MCH truly a place where patients come first.


Click here to view MCH's 2010 Community Benefits Report.


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