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You don't have to diet alone
May 23, 2011

After visiting his physician's office and learning he is pre-diabetic, Bob Thomson decided to visit a dietitian to learn more about how he could create a healthier lifestyle for him and his family.


"I ask to see a dietitian to learn more about food and how to eat healthier," said Bob. "There is so much information on dieting out there, and I just wanted to learn the right way to eat."


With a busy schedule, Bob would find at times it was easier to grab something quick to eat rather then prepare something nutritious. The problem with quick food is that it is usually bad for you. Then, during a routine visit with his physician, he learned that his blood sugar levels indicated he was pre-diabetic. He said he knew then he needed to take action.


Bob is meeting with Madison Count Hospital dietitian Darren Renz once a month to learn about portion control and get tips about meal planning. Together they set goals for Bob to lose weight and bring down his blood sugar level.


"I help Bob stay on track and give him advice on the right foods to eat," said Darren. "For example, some believe you should stay away from fruit because of the carbohydrates and sugar. However, fruit can be a great source of vitamins. You just have to know what to eat and how much."


During one of their sessions, Darren explained to Bob how important it is to pay attention to food portions. For example, an apple can be anywhere from two to three servings of fruit depending on the size. Darren suggests looking for information on portions on food labels. Another tip is to try eating smaller meals more often instead of eating three large meals a day.


Another important part of the process of getting healthy is learning how to eat the right balance of foods. Contrary to some popular diets, eating mostly meat or protein isn't always the answer to losing weight because they can have a lot fat in them. The key to a healthy diet is eating a balance of healthy foods.


"I'm trying to re-learn how to eat," said Bob. "It's a process. It will take time. But, it's worth it."


Even though they have only been meeting for a short while, Bob is already seeing some success. He is learning new meals to cook for his family, such as veggies on the grill, and has already lost some weight. He will continue to meet with Darren until he reaches his goals.


"If you are concerned about your health, go see your family physician," said Darren. "You can get a prescription for dietitian visits and together we can reach your health goals."

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