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Health Tip: Be Smart While Mowing the Lawn
Make sure kids maintain a safe distance
-- Diana Kohnle

(HealthDay News) -- Power mowers may seem easy to operate, but they can be deadly if misused.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says you should follow these safety rules before you start mowing the lawn:

  • Ensure that underage children are inside the home or are at a safe distance from the mower.
  • Never allow kids under 12 to use a power mower, or people under 16 to use a riding mower.
  • Carefully read the mower's operating instructions.
  • Never mow during a thunderstorm, poor lighting or when the grass is wet.
  • Clear objects such as stones, sticks and toys that could be struck and projected by the mower blade.
  • Inspect your mower to make sure it is in good working condition and that all safety guards are in place.
  • If using an electric mower, reduce the risk of electric shock by using a ground fault circuit interrupter.
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