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Evidence-based program assists patients through first days of withdrawal

BreakThru is a medically supervised inpatient withdrawal management service located at Madison Health. We use a medically based approach to managing withdrawal - and we treat addiction patients with the same compassion and concern for their dignity and confidentiality as any other patient.

Individualized care and treatment

Disease affects every patient in a unique way. Addiction is no different. Addiction patients need an individualized care plan and dedicated care team to get them over the initial stages of healing and put them on the road to recovery.

BreakThru at Madison Health provides a coordinated approach to breaking the cycle of addiction by:

  • Managing withdrawal in a hospital setting under medical supervision
  • Creating a personalized aftercare discharge plan
  • Providing year-long follow-up to determine recovery success

BreakThru’s inpatient and outcome statistics surpass industry established benchmarks and that means service excellence.

Withdrawal management: the first stage of recovery

Withdrawal is the most difficult phase of battling addiction. BreakThru's individualized withdrawal management helps get patients safely through this stage.

We provide:

  • A safe, comfortable and private hospital environment
  • Continuous treatment and supervision by medical professionals trained in alleviating the effects of withdrawal
  • Medications based on the patient's condition, state of health and case history to minimize the symptoms and eliminate potential complications of withdrawal

Aiding with recovery

Relapse is common in addiction recovery. BreakThru counters it with a patient-specific immediate aftercare discharge plan: a step-by-step guide to helping patients stay drug and alcohol-free after treatment.

BreakThru also provides long-term recovery management and follow-up to check general health, sobriety and levels of engagement in treatment programs.

Together, we can help solve this drug crisis in our backyard. If you or someone you know could benefit from our program please call us now.

For more information and access to BreakThru services, call 740-845-7140 and we will be happy to help start the recovery process.

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